Online Registration Login

I am currently a Tyler/Whitehouse YMCA member or participate in Tyler/Whitehouse YMCA programs. How do I activate my online account?

If you are currently a member or had participated in any of the programs at the Tyler or Whitehouse YMCA, our system has already assigned you a username and password. Click “Forgot your Login?” the system will ask you for your email address, type the email address you gave us at the time your registered for a program. Once the email address is recognized by our system you will receive and email with your login information.

I have never been a Tyler/Whitehouse member and have not participated in any programs. How do I activate my online account?

If you haven’t participated in one of our programs before click “Create a New Non Member Account” this will take you to the registration form. Fill out all the information including the username and password you wish to use. After this step you will be on our system and you will be able to register for programs online.

I forgot my username/password, how do I reset it?

You can reset your username or password by clicking on “Forgot Your Login?” The system will ask you to type the email address associated with your account, if you can access it or remember the email address that is associated with your account, you can call the Front desk of the Tyler YMCA at 903-593-7327 or Whitehouse YMCA at 903-839-9622 and they will assist you.

Account Information

How do I update my phone number or mailing address if it has changed?

Once you are logged in your account, you can update your information, just click “My Account” on the settings tab to edit your personal information.

The program I’m interested isn’t showing up when I search. When other programs be available for online registration?

We are excited to offer online registrations. As we start offering this service we will be adding more programs for online registration, this will include Aquatics, Sports, Camps, Clinics and more. Please continue to visit your local YMCA branch location to register for other programs.

Orders & Receipts

How do I get my receipt after I paid for a program registration?

After your transaction is completed, the system will email you the receipt and give you the option to print it as well.

Can I get a copy of past receipts?

Once you log on, Click on “Welcome Center” then on the left menu select “Print a Receipt”. This will give you the option to review and print the receipts that are in your purchase history.