Membership at the Tyler YMCA is much more than treadmills and swimming. It is a place where our highest priorities are centered around character development and values. When you become a member, you do more than just join a gym- you join a family.
Obviously here at the Y we are for healthy living, so we take care of your health through an array of options ranging from group exercise classes to swimming to strength training and cardiovascular equipment. The YMCA is fitness, family and a community all under one roof, so come on in and get started today.

As a benefit of joining the Y, you and your family will enjoy:

  • Recreational use of the wellness center, indoor heated pool, gym, tennis and racquetball courts
  • Free group exercise
  • Free child watch while you workout(check with you local branch on times and ages)
  • Men’s and Women’s locker rooms
  • Sauna and hot tubs at the Tyler location
  • Free FitStart
  • YMCA AWAY Member privileges
  • Discounts on Youth Programs